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The In-House Writer Copywriting Services


Q: How does The In-House Writer charge for its services?

A: We quote a flat fee in advance based on the length and complexity of the document and the amount of research required. Occasionally, for longer or open-ended assignments, we charge on an hourly basis.

Q: Does The In-House Writer perform PR functions such as servicing releases or pitching stories to media outlets in addition to writing?

A: The In-House Writer is not a publicity firm. However, we have relationships with a variety of excellent PR firms with whom we partner in cases where a client requires such services.

Q: How quickly can The In-House Writer turn around a writing assignment?

A: We make every effort to accommodate our clients' time constraints and never miss a promised deadline. Of course, the more lead time we have, the more time we have to devote to your project.

Q: Can The In-House Writer take something I've already written and make it better?

A: The In-House Writer offers both copyediting and "polishing" services. Our copyediting service includes correcting typos, spelling, grammar and formatting errors that can make your publicity and marketing materials—and by extension, your company—appear sloppy and unprofessional. Polishing goes a step further and includes a heavy edit or rewrite of your copy to make it really "sing."